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Heath Ledger is amazing.

By cruzer89
Written June 25, 2008
okay so I was BLOWN away bye Iron Man and I know this is gunne be just as amazing!!!! deffinatly going to see the midnight showing! I cant belive some people are saying this movie looks to dark to see, DUDE thats the point! and Heath Ledger is going to be the best Joker! He went out with a BANG thats for sure! WELL i cant wait for this and i even got my joker shirt to wear on premier night!!!! :)
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The Dark Knight Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written February 12, 2016
100 out of 100 Batman continues.
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The Dark Knight

By msweet18
Written July 21, 2008
Awesome! Didn't even notice it was 2 1/2 hours long. My husband and I never pay to go see these big blockbuster movies because they always seem to let us down. I was drawn to this movie for some reason, bought our tickets early last week to go see it. Was not let down this time.
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By RalphyP
Written June 16, 2008
Being a Batman comics fan since I am 7 years old, when I picked up a Batman comiic which featured "The Joker", I could not put it down. I was always mesmerized by the way the "Clown Prince of Crime" gave Batman a run for the money. The trailers for the new movie are fantastic! Heath Ledger seems to have left us with a Joker that is going to go down in history as one of the best. I pray the movie wins some Academy Awards and blows all the other super hero movies away at the box office. I honestly can't wait until July 18th!! I plan to see this movie at least twice and will eagerly await its arrival on DVD in December. LONG LIVE THE JOKER!!
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One of the Best movies of the last several years

By Nevets
Written July 21, 2008
Totally blown away by the film and completely disturbed by Heath's performance. I always found Jacks portrayal of the Joker as "a clown with a gun" but I found Heath's rendition of the Joker like "a sociopath in a Clown suit with a gun and some grenades (and pencil)."
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