By Delirious5
Written July 19, 2008
Ok I went today to see the movie. I did not read any reviews before going. Before writing this I looked at the reviews here and just had to see why people would rate this as a "oh no". The only one of those reviews I could understand was the one who said they would not take their kid to see it. I would agree with that. The other neg reviews I just don't get, but to each his/her own. I thought this was a fantastic movie. I did not expect such a great performance from Heath. I thought it was just a bunch of hype to sell tickets. Well it's not. From the beginning to the end it was WOW. He did a great job. Oscar worthy for sure!!! I left the theater feeling like I was speeding....The first "10" movie of the year!! I will definitely try to see this on Imax. Go, Go, GO!!
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awesomely delicious.

By jaymahlee
Written July 23, 2008
yupp. these are the words i use to describe this awesome movie. before i went to see the movie, i read some of these reviews and i kinda regret it. it got me extra hyped to watch it and then i expected too much out of the movie. not saying that it didn't satisfy all the hype it produced, it was great. i think u just need to see the movie and enjoy it before making any judgments. and as far as how entertaining the movie was, all i have to say is any scene with the joker in it was just phenomenal. he stole the show. as well as alfred :) basically, watch the movie...take it all in...and just enjoy it for what it is. GREATNESS!
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Definitely see this

By Action_Movie_Fan
Written September 19, 2007
You've gotta check this out. This will probably be one of the best Batman movies ever!
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I Love Batman!!!

By Director101
Written June 30, 2008
I'm a big Spider-Man/Batman fan and I actually think this movie is going to beat Spider_Man 3 at the box office!!! I give out my heart to Heath Ledgers family. I just have one request to Chris Nolan... Keep the movies clean!!!! But other than that I love your movies. I have got sorces that say that Harvey Dent gets burned after a major character is BRUTTLY murdered!! I am a HUGE Fan and I am going to the 3:15 showtime. See you Later!!!
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By Far the Greatest Comic Book Movie of all Time!

By Bond007Rules
Written September 02, 2008
If for whatever reason you decide to read anything lower than "GO" then you will be reading a review from people that prefered the "Batman and Robin" Movie over this. Or thought the the original Incredibe Hulk was worth your time or would rather see "Mama Mia" over this incredible flick. Yeah Incredible! Million Respects for Jack Nickelsen but Heath Ledger completly shut out Jack in this performance. Amazing plot, great fighting sequences, and sweet views of the city of Chicago. The Joker was stunning and creepy which showed his true evil side, not some dude that pulls pranks and laughs at every little thing. Two-Face was crazy and the Batman well......was Batman. Better than ever. Guys check this movie out it will blow away any Marvel movie that tries to even compete, along with any other superhero flick! Rating this from 1-10, its a 20! Two Thumps way way up!
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