Best Superhero film ever!

By echosix
Written July 21, 2008
Prior to seeing The Dark Knight, I have to admit that NONE of the previous Batman movies would be on the list of my favorite Superhero films. Not a single one. I always saw each and every one of them as an extension of the ego of the director, as well as a marketing technique for the production company. Not even the '89 Batman with Keaton. I just never connected with it very much, except for the suit. And I'll leave it at that. Now... Not only has "The Dark Knight" absolutley SLAMMED itself to the top of my list for favorite Superhero films... It's also pretty far up there on my list for favorite all around films of all time.
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By Delirious5
Written July 19, 2008
Ok I went today to see the movie. I did not read any reviews before going. Before writing this I looked at the reviews here and just had to see why people would rate this as a "oh no". The only one of those reviews I could understand was the one who said they would not take their kid to see it. I would agree with that. The other neg reviews I just don't get, but to each his/her own. I thought this was a fantastic movie. I did not expect such a great performance from Heath. I thought it was just a bunch of hype to sell tickets. Well it's not. From the beginning to the end it was WOW. He did a great job. Oscar worthy for sure!!! I left the theater feeling like I was speeding....The first "10" movie of the year!! I will definitely try to see this on Imax. Go, Go, GO!!
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Definitely see this

By Action_Movie_Fan
Written September 19, 2007
You've gotta check this out. This will probably be one of the best Batman movies ever!
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I Love Batman!!!

By Director101
Written June 30, 2008
I'm a big Spider-Man/Batman fan and I actually think this movie is going to beat Spider_Man 3 at the box office!!! I give out my heart to Heath Ledgers family. I just have one request to Chris Nolan... Keep the movies clean!!!! But other than that I love your movies. I have got sorces that say that Harvey Dent gets burned after a major character is BRUTTLY murdered!! I am a HUGE Fan and I am going to the 3:15 showtime. See you Later!!!
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Dark Knight Shines Bright

By jam25j
Written July 19, 2008
What a great permormance by another Joker. Heath Ledger rocked the Joker role. Jack had an amazing performance in the 1st Batman, but Ledger holds his own in a darker role. Fight scenes were a little weak, and the voice distortion for Batman was annoying. Harvey Dent was average. Big ups to Oldman with another strong performance. Ms. Gyllenhal did fine. Bale is a great Batman, and it is always a pleasure to see rwo great actors in Freeman and Caine.
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