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By Delirious5
Written July 19, 2008
Ok I went today to see the movie. I did not read any reviews before going. Before writing this I looked at the reviews here and just had to see why people would rate this as a "oh no". The only one of those reviews I could understand was the one who said they would not take their kid to see it. I would agree with that. The other neg reviews I just don't get, but to each his/her own. I thought this was a fantastic movie. I did not expect such a great performance from Heath. I thought it was just a bunch of hype to sell tickets. Well it's not. From the beginning to the end it was WOW. He did a great job. Oscar worthy for sure!!! I left the theater feeling like I was speeding....The first "10" movie of the year!! I will definitely try to see this on Imax. Go, Go, GO!!
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awesomely delicious.

By jaymahlee
Written July 23, 2008
yupp. these are the words i use to describe this awesome movie. before i went to see the movie, i read some of these reviews and i kinda regret it. it got me extra hyped to watch it and then i expected too much out of the movie. not saying that it didn't satisfy all the hype it produced, it was great. i think u just need to see the movie and enjoy it before making any judgments. and as far as how entertaining the movie was, all i have to say is any scene with the joker in it was just phenomenal. he stole the show. as well as alfred :) basically, watch the movie...take it all in...and just enjoy it for what it is. GREATNESS!
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I hope you enjoy my movie

By darkknightwdc
Written June 19, 2008
For many years I have been tormented with the absolute disregard of those people who feel that they can break the law & do whatever they want to innocent citizens. I have made it my mission to defend those who cannot defend themselves. As a member of the Fraternal Order of the Dark Knight, I have accepted this duty with honor & will defend our mission with my life. Now I know that many of you have seen the many recreations of the Dark Knight; from the early days as a DC Comics hero in 1939, to our fraternal brother Adam West as the Batman in the 1960's, the Batman animated adventures-that still runs today & of course, the big screen renditions with fraternal thespian brothers Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney & now Christian Bale. The latest presentation will pit our brother against the Joker. This is the ultimate evolution of the Dark Knight's fight against overwhelming forces. DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE-this will be the best of 2008! The Dark Knight WDC (Washington, DC) w"w
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Definitely see this

By Action_Movie_Fan
Written September 19, 2007
You've gotta check this out. This will probably be one of the best Batman movies ever!
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I Love Batman!!!

By Director101
Written June 30, 2008
I'm a big Spider-Man/Batman fan and I actually think this movie is going to beat Spider_Man 3 at the box office!!! I give out my heart to Heath Ledgers family. I just have one request to Chris Nolan... Keep the movies clean!!!! But other than that I love your movies. I have got sorces that say that Harvey Dent gets burned after a major character is BRUTTLY murdered!! I am a HUGE Fan and I am going to the 3:15 showtime. See you Later!!!
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