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Better then Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk combined.

By xenogenetik
Written July 17, 2008
This was by far the best movie ive seen in years, all tho Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were amazing, The Dark Knight is nonstop, edge-of-your-seat action. Just when you think the movie ends, it adds another twist. Its also Heath Ledger's (RIP) best performance ever. Not to mention the Joker's character also had me laughing throughout the whole movie. Definately 6 out of 5 stars for this one. GO SEE IT, I know im gonna go see it again.
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What makes a Hero?

By moviesarebestsolo
Written July 18, 2008
Since the opening scenes of Batman Begins I have begun to believe that the real Batman movie was coming. The Dark Knight is that movie. Batman was never supposed to be happy, he was never supposed to be Val Kilmer fighting Uma Thurman while they swung on a vine...Batman is the true reluctant hero. He started wearing a plastic suit and chasing bad guys because no one else would. Not from a misgiuded sense of superiority. He uses his playboy status to cover his nighttime crime fighting. There has never been a reason to believe Batman isn't weary and Christian Bale reminds us of that. Go see this movie. For all the wonderful reasons listed in earlier reviews and for one heartbreaking and sad truth, a true hero is someone who takes on the good and the bad. Even if in the end the only people who are left believing in you is your butler, Gordon and Jimmy.
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It was the Joker's show

By Scubagirl18
Written August 01, 2008
While this was a Batman movie, it was totally the Joker's show. Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker: scary, funny, matter-of-fact, brutal. The action sequences were fantastic and the story held up. If I have a complaint it's that a little more exploration of Harvey Dent's dark side early on would make his transformation to Two-Face much more plausible. Can't wait to see it again on IMAX.
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Dark Knight Strikes Again!

By AmpersandZer0
Written June 03, 2008
This movie has win written all over it! I should be in line right now!
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Brillant and Dark

By BrieCS
Written July 17, 2008
What a film! I saw the pre-screening for the VRG followers on Tuesday, July 15, and WOW! Fabulous marketing aside, this film brought everything I expected and more! The graphics, costuming, cinematography and writing all were perfect. The shots were smooth and the story drew me in, and it looked beautiful and terrifying all at once. Ledger is the Joker, head to toe, inside and out. He scares and shocks, while still having that sharp, dark comedy from the best of the Arkham comics. This was a performance that blew all others out of the water. Every line is a new story, a stark contrast to the camp of every prior performance of this character. Eckhart is brilliant as Harvey Dent, and as the movie progresses, shows he has the talent to take it to the limit. Bale brings the noble, troubled Bruce Wayne that I wanted to see, plus a strong and yet realistic Batman. The new suit is very nice and as usual, Nolan brings a great cast of supporting characters. Awesome!
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