Movie Reviews

Man In The Dark/ Inferno

By aretwo dee 2
Man In The Dark. The very best 3D film I have ever seen. Scenes were specifically designed for high impact 3D viewing. Example: the operation scene in the beginning of the movie. Also the clarity ...

Two Digitally Restored Vintage 1953 3-D Film Noir Movies

By 3D_David
We just got back from the American Cinemateque Film Noir Series 3-D screenings of "Man in the Dark" and "Inferno" at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Great evening!!! The 3D digital restoration...

Classic 3D

By markkernes
The first movie is actually called Man in the Dark. It's a film noir from 1953, originally shot in 3D and superbly remastered recently. Stars Edmond O'Brien and Audrey Totter, about a bank robber with...