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Good Premise, Bad Execution

By Cardanko
Written December 26, 2011
I came into this movie thinking it'd be an awesome alien movie...I was very wrong and I love almost all alien movies. They had an awesome premise, decent actors and good effects. Yet the acting was very bad for the most part. Emile could've done a much better job compared to what he's done in other movies and you would've thought that blonde chick from Transformers and Shutter would've been great but if anything she was the worst character/actress. The movie tried to have an emotional appeal throughout that it failed at in my opinion as well. As for the dialogue...the film was littered with cliche lines that were delivered as if they were having a casual conversation. The way the group of survivors went about "surviving" was so over the top bad that I couldn't help but feel that they all deserve to die solely because of how stupid they reacted to an event like this to which I felt that they only did a handful of correct actions. Im being nice saying what I did, but dont waste yer cash!
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Cinematic History's Darkest Hour

By taxilarry
Written December 26, 2011
The first 10 minutes held promise of some kind of enjoyable movie experience, but from then on it dragged on for a variety of reasons, or should I say lack of reasons. First, the special effects were pretty much a one-trick pony. They kept repeating the same visual effects as if we were too stupid to catch them the first time. How many people/animals do we need to see zapped into oblivion in the exact same way before it's time to move onto something new? And where were the 3D effects we paid to see? Second, the plot was extremely weak, and so unbelievable that it was laughable. It's almost like they were trying to write a Saturday Night Live spoof of horror sci-fi films but then said, hey, let's just call it a real movie and see if anyone actually takes it seriously. It has a tediously slow moving, boring and pointless story line with an almost zero believability factor. The Christmas day release was a cruel joke.
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Save yourself the money, PLEASE

By Sethmalize
Written December 27, 2011
I don't normally take time out of my busy day to tell what I think of the movies I watch, but in this case I feel a duty to all movie goers out there: I beg you, please, don't waste your hard earned money. If it's that plentiful and you have nothing better to do with it, watch another movie twice, or...donate to a charity or something. This was HORRIBLE. Bad, predictable lines, terrible acting, lackluster special effects and less action than its previews showed. My wife and I were sitting there looking @ each other with disbelief - how could the producer and/or writer of this film go to sleep?! Seriously, we also just watched other movies that were worth watching: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol...both well worth the $. This is a big fat NO!!!
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Save money and life you will never get back.

By majkaos
Written December 26, 2011
Ugh! This was horrendous. I only watched it to pass time till the next movie started and found myself time and again looking at my watch hoping it was over. This is one of those movies you know however much Hollywood spent, they lost money which according to IMDB was approximately $44 million. At one point they re-edited the teenagers saying stuff, but no one is moving their lips! I kid you not. No plot, just teenagers dying stupidly. This would be equated to a really, really low-budget slasher film or a Scooby Doo adventure. Stupid teens doing stupid stuff. No stars, no thumbs. Save your money.
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Darkest Hour - Survivor!

By OrazioMan
Written December 30, 2011
This has a decent story line, lots of drama and of course the humans start kicking some butt in the end, what else could you ask for, plus the Fork and Eat was great, food was delicious, excellent service...
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