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The Darkest Hour Synopsis
An alien attack sweeps up American tourists in Moscow.
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Good Premise, Bad Execution

By Cardanko
I came into this movie thinking it'd be an awesome alien movie...I was very wrong and I love almost all alien movies. They had an awesome premise, decent actors and good effects. Yet the acting was...

Cinematic History's Darkest Hour

By taxilarry
The first 10 minutes held promise of some kind of enjoyable movie experience, but from then on it dragged on for a variety of reasons, or should I say lack of reasons. First, the special effects...

Save yourself the money, PLEASE

By Sethmalize
I don't normally take time out of my busy day to tell what I think of the movies I watch, but in this case I feel a duty to all movie goers out there: I beg you, please, don't waste your hard earned...

Save money and life you will never get back.

By majkaos
Ugh! This was horrendous. I only watched it to pass time till the next movie started and found myself time and again looking at my watch hoping it was over. This is one of those movies you know...

Darkest Hour - Survivor!

By OrazioMan
This has a decent story line, lots of drama and of course the humans start kicking some butt in the end, what else could you ask for, plus the Fork and Eat was great, food was delicious, excellent...

Two thumbs up!

By large_popcorn
My son and I loved this one! It wasnt too violent or full of blood and guts. It wasnt too mushy, or silly. It's a 'must go' if you are paying matinee prices, and a 'go' for the full evening price....

The Darkest Hour

By Calistomoviefan
The movie should have gone straight to the SyFy channel Oriignal Saturday night movie. It was only 90 mins. but felt well over 2 hours. After awhile, you didn't care if the heroe's were killed off,...

Decent popcorn style flick; terrible writing

By NeimanJ
The action and special effects are good quality until they reveal the aliens towards the end of the film, but the writing really drags the entire experience down. The characters are essentially...

The Darkest Hour indeed!

By jssvergara
It was a melding of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), Independence Day, War of the Worlds (2005), Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles. It was almost as if they were trying to teach you something...


By SirMarkus
Despite poor reviews, we love our sci-fi, and went to see 'Darkest Hour' for our own decision on the matter. This movie accomplished exactly what it intended to do - throw a new spin on the well-worn...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sci-fi action violence and some language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Alien invasion flick has lots of violence but little blood.
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