By constantskeptic
Written November 04, 2015
best movie I have only seen the previews for.... september 29th I will be there
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The Darjeeling UNlimited!!

By thebettermoonbunny
Written August 30, 2007
Best movie I've never seen.
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By Nancy_E
Written November 04, 2015
I chose to ignore the on-the-fence review by the NY Times and dragged my 95 year old grandmother with me. It was filmed beautifully, the character development was unique and believable, and there was a consistent element of the unexpected. The dialog and delivery kept us laughing throughout the entire story and the wonderful message of the importance of human intimacy and its contrast with the notion of being able to free yourself of desire was depicted in a charming way. The entire movie theatre did not get up to leave until all credits were completed as it wasclearly thought provoking.
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Darjeeling Limited

By lucyho
Written October 02, 2007
Beautiful movie about petty people. Breathtaking attention to detail and camera work. Funny and endearing, but not for everybody. Wes Anderson's most accomlished movie.
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Sikh and ye shall find

By cjtolmie
Written January 11, 2008
I must admit I love Wes Anderson, and every actor in this film. I saw it twice, and liked it more the second time I saw it. Very irreverent sweet and charming. Great story. Great setting. Great movie.
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