The Darjeeling Limited Synopsis
A man tries to re-forge familial bonds by taking his brothers on a train trip across India.
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By Nancy_E
I chose to ignore the on-the-fence review by the NY Times and dragged my 95 year old grandmother with me. It was filmed beautifully, the character development was unique and believable, and there was...


By constantskeptic
best movie I have only seen the previews for.... september 29th I will be there...

The Darjeeling UNlimited!!

By thebettermoonbunny
Best movie I've never seen....

Darjeeling Limited

By lucyho
Beautiful movie about petty people. Breathtaking attention to detail and camera work. Funny and endearing, but not for everybody. Wes Anderson's most accomlished movie....

Sikh and ye shall find

By cjtolmie
I must admit I love Wes Anderson, and every actor in this film. I saw it twice, and liked it more the second time I saw it. Very irreverent sweet and charming. Great story. Great setting. Great...

Doesn't fit into any previous style - unique and amazing

By starx95
Very quirky, odd and unique. We loved it. The LA times review really said it best with "Wilson, Brody and Schwartzman are like a contemporary, depressive version of the Three Stooges, and there's...

No wonder Owen thought of suicide

By carynyates
I am a huge fan of Owen Wilson. This movie was a bore....

Maybe not "Go" but definitely "See"

By mhhd
Catch this one on DVD for sure if you're a Wes Anderson fan. Very nice movie, although probably my least favorite of his work. I'll see it one more time, just to be sure....


By burndtdan
i like wes anderson films. i like the cast. i like movies about finding yourself. i like quirky comedies. i like art house films. i like everything this movie wanted to be. but sitting in this movie,...

A favorite for me...

By spoothed
This movie was endearing. I really enjoyed the family dysfunction (whose family isn't dysfunctional, especially with 3 siblings?). The guys that make these movies have really honed their skills in...

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Rated R | For language
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Common Sense Media says Wes Anderson tackles mature brotherly baggage.
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