the DAmned United

By lambstar
Written October 13, 2009
As someone who doesn't give a toss about football, English or otherwise, I found this film engaging primarily due to the performances and the sense of time that was covered...the 70's in Northern England. It seemed like their was an innocence to the time that belied the incredible ambition of its character Brian Clough, Derby Manager. I supposed the writer's were looking for a little Greek tragedy in Mr. Sheen's characterization... it was found... but not such an important issue for me...still Mr. Sheen's performance was terrific, though it was hard not to constantly compare it to his David Frost in Frost Nixon and look for overlaps... it's hard when you play so big. For Timothy Spall, his subdued character was a relief, though perhaps it seemed even more subdued due to Sheen's excess. Still, I liked it ... I'm a girl. As someone who is not up on British politics of the time, I couldn't find any meaningful metaphors, barring the one popular ruler--don't get too big for your boots
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An enjoyable piece of history

By zurcamny
Written October 18, 2009
Coming from the UK and growing up through this period of time it was a thoroughly enjoyable look back in time. The film captures the locations, people and culture of the time well and the acting from both of the lead characters was wonderful. The pictures of the old football grounds (still in use today for some of the smaller clubs) and the rain soaked mud covered pitches were realistic and the dialogue between Clough and his chairman at Derby was exactly what could be imagined. Well directed with the soccer itself taking second place to the characters and the relationship between Clough and Taylor. For anyone who likes soccer or wants a history lesson it is worth seeing
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Damn United

By AndyApp
Written October 12, 2009
Boring and hard to follow.
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Good movie.

By Anastasiya2008
Written October 16, 2009
This is one of the best movies I have seen in the past several months. It is very English, great acting and just a lot of things to think about after you watch it. Small things, comments and coincident makes this world go around! Watch it!
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Five Word Review

By tweezer
Written November 06, 2009
Great real Football real Men
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