• Released
  • April 13, 2014
  • (Limited - other showings on 4/17 and 4/22)
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • Drama

The Current

By linlval
Written February 24, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. As a senior female, I was entertained by a story that could happen in any neighborhood minus bad language, violence, drugs and sex. There was no over acting and, since it is about a thirteen year old boy, it followed how young people act. I needed a couple tissues, as did a few others, but many may not take it to that level. My life is not over dramatic as many lives seem to be now days so I enjoyed watching a situation that could be in any family and how it unfolded with the people involved. I definitely will watch it again.
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Exodus-Gods and Kings

By nmktxports
Written February 24, 2015
I hope they run Ridley Scott out of Hollywood!!! God parted the Red Sea-He did not lower the water level!!!!!!! Even the atheists know that!!!!! The way you portrayed Moses--A stubborn jerk that argued with the almighty. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And God himself--A little boy with an English accent?????? May you choke on your poetic license. I wonder if it is possible to give you less than one star for the rating of this You Idiots.
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Best emotional movie

By private_graham
Written February 24, 2015
Great job brother!!! More to come! Serious direct more
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