• Released
  • May 11, 2012
  • (Available on VOD 7/03/12)
  • NR , 1 hr 34 min
  • Art House/Foreign
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The Hollywood Reporter

The family drama The Cup revisits this popular win in a workmanlike fashion.
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Los Angeles Times

By Betsy Sharkey
Given all the impossible choices the young jockey had to face, The Cup should have been a weepie if ever there was one - but the filmmakers stumble on their way to the finish line.
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Arizona Republic

For one thing, all the characters are far too pleasant.
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Slant Magazine

One wonders who the audience is for a film this far removed from the dirt and grime of the reality it claims to be based on, and why they find anything so squeaky-clean appealing.
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33 out of 100
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