A former Sunset Strip street preacher and "Jesus coffee house" proprietor recalls his spiritual journey carrying an enormous cross around the globe. The time was the late '60s, the streets of Hollywood were filled with radicals, and Arthur Blessitt was determined to wake them up. In order to accomplish this, he opened a Christian coffee house and placed a rather large cross on the wall. Over the course of the next few months, Blessitt regularly carried the cross with him when he would head out to preach on the streets, never once realizing this was only the beginning of the 40-year journey that would come to define his life. Then, on Christmas Day, 1969, it happened: Jesus called on Blessitt to begin walking across America with the cross in tow. Four decades later, Blessitt had wandered 315 nations, including war-ravaged Northern Ireland and even North Korea. During that time he was arrested 24 times, and even taken before a firing squad for execution. In 2008, having walked an incredible 38,102 miles, Blessitt finally completed his mission. The Cross isn't about one man's journey to convert the world to Christianity, but the way that Blessitt was able to endure sometimes impossible conditions to deliver hope to the destitute, and inspire others to discover God's destiny for their own lives. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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