Go see!

By Kashia
Written April 11, 2013
I wasn't sure about this movie at first; it seemed geared towards younger audiences, and while it looked cute, I was a bit hesitant. However, like a few other movies in the past few years (Tangled, anyone?) I was pleasantly surprised in the fact that this movie was adorable. It had cute dynamics between family and romance, beautiful scenery, and many scenes had me laughing (and a few crying). It's definitely a perfect family movie, and great for any age! I've seen it both in 3D and 2D and both times I loved it! The 3D is really subtle so you can watch either way, but it was adorable and touching and hilarious and I'm definitely getting it when it's on DVD.
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Lush and beautiful prehistoric adventure!

By MoviefanLucas
Written March 24, 2013
I like movies set in this time period and i loved the cast so with that being said i was fairly excited for this movie and i am very happy to say i wasn't let down because the croods is a excellent movie that any age group can enjoy. The animation was so vivid and beautiful with the lush forest and the textures of furr and stuff like that. The voice acting and characters are both amazing i haven't decided yet who my favorite character was it was either Emma Stone as Eep or Ryan reynolds as Guy but those were my personal favorites but the whole cast was good. I don't like getting technical in these kids movie reviews but there were some shots in this movie like in the first action scene Eep is running and they have a really cool camera angle that is positioned by her legs and the camera titlts it's very hard to explain but it looks super cool and i highly suggest the croods i give it a 9/10 which means it's a must go. Go spend a extra couple bucks and see it in 3D!!
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Really enjoyed this movie

By livingh20
Written April 05, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie...the graphics were awesome....the humor hit my funny bone, and the underlying messages throughout the movie touched my heart....Have grown to love 3d movies and this was one of the best....will definitely own this movie when it comes out
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Good for the kids...

By twoodley1
Written March 23, 2013
Had some of Hollywood's most well-known names for characters but in the end, its a movie for the kids. A couple of funny moments...not terrible, not great.
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The Croods Hug

By Jmcmellon
Written March 24, 2013
Took my 5yo daughter on opening day. The movie is a bit over the head for a child of this age though its still Disney and they know how to captivate any child's attention. Not sure if it was my imagination or done on purpose but Nicolas Cages character looked a lot like him....
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