By olesiat
Written June 29, 2015
Very sweet and super funny movie for the whole family!
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Laughfest for whole family!

By kmboe1
Written January 29, 2015
Beautiful animation, cohesive and meaningful story, filled with lots of funny moments that adults and children can appreciate and enjoy. Definitely fun for the entire family. Took three generations to see it and we all loved it. Going again, at least twice. Gorgeous in 3D. Cinematography, colors, lighting is lovely. Score is terrific, and especially perfect in the scene with the USC Marching Band music! Honestly, I think this is the best work Nicholas Cage has ever done! Truly enjoyed it, go see it for a fun time!
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The Crrods 3-D

By akshipps
Written March 29, 2015
Wow! This is a "must see," for all ages. Even the pre-schoolers in the audience were mesmerized , energiized , and entertained. I brought my, Grand-daughter ( aged 11) and she was WOW"d as well.
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The Croods

By 4deep76
Written February 13, 2016
Took the grandchildren who's ages range from 4 to 9, Preschool and Elementary. They totally enjoyed it. The characters and cinematography kept their interest throughout. They each came away with something different which was very pleasing. The 3D was fantastic. Very colorful graphics and entertaining. A great afternoon well spent. It's a must go for Spring break! Great for the whole family.
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Good Movie

By crazylegshockey
Written October 10, 2015
Witty, clever, original, and very well made; The Croods brilliantly combines beautiful visual effects with a simple enough story for a child to follow, but in a world vibrant and beautiful for adults. It sends a great message and displays a great example of positive family values and team building. Adults can appreciate the humor even though it's geared towards kids. Overall it's definitely worth seeing.
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