Very Good

By upinkney
Written March 23, 2013
My 7 year old daughter and I went to see this last night and she absolutely enjoyed it. I thought the movie was very good. Full of imagination and creativity. Nice family movie.
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We're the Croods

By gyaddow2
Written March 25, 2013
First off, along with Oz this was by far the best 3D I've seen in a long time. The movie itself was thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end. If they make a sequel, you can definitely count us in. Take some time to take your kid(s) to see this. Maybe they can grab a cool pair of 3D glasses too.
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Beautiful family movie!!!!! - The Croods 3-D

By sunny2011_11
Written March 25, 2013
It is that the family needs to enjoy and follow, we laugh and cry. Has a teenager adventure that its was beautiful. Has a wonderful colors and effects. For kids and parents see together.I totally recommended.
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Fun for the whole family

By ZZMom
Written March 27, 2013
We tooks our kids (3 & 6) to see the Croods over Spring Break. EVERYONE enjoyed it. Cute story, vibrant colors, fun 3D effects. I really enjoyed the story and was never bored and my kids loved it. Cute characters and funny too! I recommend. :)
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Great Family Fun

By jenniferp119
Written March 24, 2013
The Croods 3D was a great movie with beautiful visuals. The effects were great, and it had a good storyline. I think that any age would like this film. My kids, my mom, and I all went, and everyone really liked it. It is a definite go!
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