A fun movie that you can bring the whole family to.

By justtryn2getby
Written March 24, 2013
This is definitely a kids move and for kids a bit on the younger side but still a fun family night out. Good graphics and the animals were just right - not too scary for the little ones.
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A fun family movie

By chamintin
Written March 29, 2013
We took our six year old son and eight year old daughter to see the Croods 3D and they both enjoyed it, as did we. They're not ones to like anything too scary or violent, or too action-packed, and this hit the right blend of mild scares, chases, action, and comedy. It was heavy on slapstick, which worked well for us. Most of all the story was quite good; touching but not overly sappy. The 3D worked well overall, though in a couple of spots they went for effects that were a bit dizzying. The story line does provide good fodder for conversation with kids afterwards, there's a lot they can learn from it and think about, but there is also a lot to laugh about after, too.
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it's OK

By thehonestreviewer
Written March 26, 2013
This movie is probably great for elementary kids and only so-so for middle school and up. i would suggest to wait until the movie is released for home entertainment.
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The Croods...

By simplytiffy
Written April 06, 2013
This weekend my husband and I took our daughter(age 8) and son (age 4) to see The Croods in 3D it was amazing! my children loved the movie and woke up the next day still talking about it. This is a good family movie that entertains the kids and adults.
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By The Sage
Written March 24, 2013
"The Croods" are a Neanderthal family who come upon the next evolution of mankind in the form of "Guy", who inspires them how to take chances and move out of cave existence. He teaches them about fire and survival in their existing and that their world is changing. The theme of the movie is "progress" and "evolution", but in a subtle way. It has humor and cute characters.
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