A really long boring movie

By trimper
Written September 16, 2014
I read a lot of reviews of this movie, but what a disappointment to me. My nephews liked it, but it was really long drawn out and the story line was all over the place. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The kids would like it and the 3D, but even to me the 3D wasn't that good.
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Better than I though it would be

By dslavsk
Written March 27, 2013
In seeing the previews for the Croods, I feared this would be a film appealing to the lowest common denominator of the grade school audience. Instead, it was a pleasant and visually appealing film that exceeded expectations. The effects were excellent (and at times superb), the story was very predictable, but I guess we don't go to movies like this for the depth of plot and character development. The daughter/father relationship, which drove much of the movie, was sweet and done better than in "Brave". All in all, my family and I enjoyed it and we would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with children.
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Kids Loved It!

By jannyjay22
Written September 16, 2014
The trailers for this movie were enough for me to want to take my granddaughters. The 3D was outstanding! Even though, for me, the plot was contrived...the kids loved it!
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Good Family Fun

By kerzee
Written November 01, 2014
We really enjoyed this movie. I was presently surprised it actually contained a viable storyline and was not just a bunch of 3D effects. Take your family and enjoy the show.
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Grammy N

By nancyvanniman
Written December 19, 2014
Took my 11 year old friend to Croods! We loved it! Funny, fast paced, and very intertaining! We found each other giggling a lot. Seems it may have been too scary for younger children, but great for 10 thru Adult! I enjoyed it as much as he did! Will recommend it to other friends :-)
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