The Cove

By satyac
Written August 01, 2009
Do you want to educate your kids about how intelligent and amazing dolphins are, see a fantastic action movie, and learn how you can help stop the biggest dolphin slaughter on the planet (in Taiji, Japan)? Then PLEASE go and see The Cove this weekend. The heroism and dedication of the people who risked their lives to make The Cove is inspirational and humbling. The more people see The Cove this weekend (opening weekend), the more likely that it will open across the country, and the more likely we can take collective action to end this horrific dolphin slaughter. So please Twitter, MySpace and Facebook it. IT'S A MUST SEE! Check out [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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THE COVE - POWERFUL!!! Grade: A. (Based on advance press preview)

Written August 04, 2009
THE COVE is a riveting illuminating eye-opening documentary regarding the illegal clandestine wholesale slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The subject matter is woefully disturbing, infused with a profound sense of sadness, follows a small determined group of animal rights activists who sought to expose the cove where dolphins are mercilessly killed by the tens of thousands yearly. Well-directed/edited - a urgent sense of desperate espionage-feeling permeates the entire movie as the audience was presented with background information on dolphins and how they came to be popular performers in captivity; then onto the reason behind Mr. O'Barry's passionate about-turn/change of heart; the ineffective International Whaling Federation; powerful Japanese lobbying; installations of hidden cams - all with the goal and hope of stopping the annual senseless murder of the adorably intelligent playful and compassionate aquatic mammals. VERDICT: A powerful Must-See movie!
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MUST see--gripping, powerful--owe it to yourself

By boletus
Written August 22, 2009
in my top 3 for year
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The Cove

By Rich S
Written September 25, 2009
A well done film documenting the capture of migrating dolphins. A town dedicated to procuring the cute dolphins we like to see perform at the world's "dolphinaria", actually kills and eats 80% of the take not "selected". This is done in a secret cove that is penetrated in the film by a group of very determined activists. The group, using sophisticatd insurrection devices, is filmed both as an adventure and as an expose'. The resulting footage is suspensfully shocking. It is hard to sympathize with the Japanese point of view since the perps find it necessary to conceal their operations from the Japanese population itself. Also the percentage of dolphin meat from such butchering is a miniscule proportion of the total fish marketed in Japan. Footage of international gov agencies' endless jawboning is inserted for comic relief. The group led by R. O'Barry, former trainer of "Flipper" now turned anti-captivity for any marine mammal, makes the case for protection of these animals effectively
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Powerful, moving film

By kzzl7
Written August 15, 2009
This film tells the story of a group of activists, including a former dolphin trainer, a pair of free divers, and a filmmaker, working to expose the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The film eloquently explains the problems facing dolphins in captivity, as well as why dolphins are not a healthy or humane food source. The story unfolds more like a spy drama than a typical documentary. Viewers learn about the International Whaling Commission and its role in permitting the continued violence against dolphins. While some of the critics on this site have complained that the film vilifies the Japanese, I actually thought the film did a very good job making clear that the overwhelming majority of Japanese are NOT complicit in this slaughter (and a core goal of the film is to draw the Japanese's attention to this problem). The film also contextualizes Japanese interests in continuing to hunt whales and dolphins historically. This film is truly memorable and I hope helps stop the killing.
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