THE COURT JESTER ~ Reigning King of Comic Invention!!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 16, 2009
What was intended merely as a pleasant showcase vehicle for Danny Kaye and his verbal and visual artistry has remained as one of the most perrless, imaginative and riotous comedies ever made! Thrust into middle of court intrigue, Danny must prove himself worthy to outwit the dastardy doings of evil interloper Basil Rathbone. Comic stiuations ensue effortlessly as the plot tightens and the gag payoffs are part of the story thrust than just obvious laugh-getters. Lovely production values and an A-list of supporting players including Glynnis Johns and Angela Lansbury add sparkle and polish to this Hollywood treasure that truly gets better and funnier with each viewing!! A FAMILY MUST-SEE!!
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