OMG too long!!!

By HelenMchi
Written November 22, 2015
The trailer is the best part of this movie! They condensed 1 hr 51 mins of s--t into a 3-minute watchable film. Bravo. This movie was TERRIBLE. Despite a stellar cast, the story meanders; had completely unneccessary, gratuitous scenes (Cameron Diaz on the Ferrari.. REALLY?? Not sexy at all. Just stupid) It was not told in a tight, linear fashion, which would have suited the plotline better (as in Michael Mann's "Heat".) It just plodded along, with a convoluted drug tale, many extra unneeded characters, and lots of ridiculous speeches. It was a complete waste of good talent (Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz.) I couldn't follow it after the first 30 minutes. Unbelievably disappointing fare from the usually excellent Ridley Scott.
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Worst. Movie. Ever.

By roadhousemike
Written September 18, 2015
I just fired Ridley Scott, Cameron Diaz, Brad PItt, and everyone complicit in making this spectacular piece of garbage from using their professional judgment to choose scripts based on any known benchmarks for enjoyable cinema. Due to their collaborative incompetence, I'll now use their choices to determine which movies I WON'T go see at the theater. Compelling protagonist? Nope. Every character was just an awful human being, with the exception of Penelope Cruz whose role could have been equally served in cameo, much like Goran Visnjic's sub-2-minute appearance. Fassbender, even during his emotional catharsis, couldn't stir any kind of compassion from the audience. The 'hero" was incapable of evolving into anything more than deserving victim of his own choices. PS: I wish I could have found a shred of value in the obtuse diatribes of Diaz, Blades, etc. I didn't.
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The Counselor is a waste of time and money.

By tkjbrown
Written October 26, 2013
Amazing that so many good names got reeled in by such a bad movie. Don't their people screen out bad scripts? Very little plot, many "let's fill up some running time" scenes. Existentialist rambling musings leaving you wondering "What did he just say?".
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James Franco

By rocmartin
Written September 27, 2014
Great movie. i got the message and you will too. Don't let the bad review ratings given here make you think different. Movie shows the reality of bad dealings or crossing the line and the end result consequences that actions can carry. Great cast, locations, sex, cars, girls and lavish life of the risk-takers. Film reminded me of 'Casino' and how they had something nice going but ended up fuckin' it all up in the end. Cameron Diaz made me stiff when she "rubbed" that Ferrari.
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depressing and hard to follow (and to suspend disbelief)

By seanebrown
Written October 25, 2013
had only seen one review of the movie, and went to see it based on the stars in the movie. i'll think twice about doing that again as I wish i had waited for other reviews, probably would have passed in retrospect. while it was depressing, it was not nearly as engaging as Traffic, for example. it was very tough to connect with the characters, and the dialog frequently seemed out of place - it just didn't make sense that a number of hardened drug dealers would go off on minutes long monologs with the counselor using rather educated language about the dangers of entering the drug trade. finally, and most importantly, the movie fails to properly convey what the "deal" was that the counselor had engaged in, nor why it went wrong and who was double crossing whom. at a certain point in the movie you just give up trying to figure it out.
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