The Conspirator Synopsis
A novice lawyer defends the only woman charged with conspiring to kill President Lincoln.
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By grangeprincess
This movie is very factual. It really made me think about what it would have been like to live back then and be very thankful that I don't. Some reviewers said the movie was slow but that wasn't my...

The Conspirator

By Sharon Dickey
I was pleased at just how well done this movie was. Certainly a different view of history per say. Director did well via bringing out the best in the actors. Well done by defense attorney and...

Highly Recommend This One

By PECurls
This is easily my favorite movie so far this year. The acting is superb and the story enthralling. I keep wondering why this movie is not getting the praise it deserves. Has Robert Redford pssed off...

true history

By tcan4
if your into history you will enjoy this movie. it wasfilmed in savannah,ga thats where i live.most of the people in it are from here. my wife was an extra, then mr.redford asked her to portray mrs....

The Conspirator Reveals The Truth

By TheShowGoes On
Woven Together with the history we know is the history not generally known. If you think you know your history, this may be a good place to learn what you may not know. Who was Mary Surrat and what...

Excellence in Motion-See It

By lovefilmIDO
Robert Redford has done it. The cast is perfect. The story captures more than most directors can hope for. A film that conspires to be perfect may not succeed, but in this case, there is only one...

Interesting Story - Not Well Executed

By vizwords
The story is interesting. You never hear about anyone but John Wilkes Booth when learning about the Lincoln assassination in history class. But that's not enough to make this worth seeing. The acting...

The Conspirator -- Good Movie!

By Carol44
This movie is very good and doesn't stray too far from actual history. Some information is added but it doesn't detract from the historical information presented. This movie gives an very good view...

The Consporator

By kylaleeb
The movie is not worth seeing. I was very disappointed in the acting, especially the bit part actors. It seemed as if they were just saying their lines, It was a very poor attempt to show the...

Save your money

By notinthedark
This was one of the worst movies my family and I have seen in a long time! It was sooo slow I saw people walking out and/or falling asleep. I was almost one of those people, but I stuck it out...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some violent content
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Common Sense Media says Historical drama tells compelling tale; some violence.
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