The Conjuring 2 Synopsis
Director James Wan brings this supernatural thriller to the screen with another real case from the files of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.
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"The Conjuring 2" Is Equivalent To Its Predecessor, Diabolically Creepy

By Pipe Carrillo
James Wan is the genuine Sir Alfred Hitchcock of the 21st century Three years ago, the world went crazy with the 5th invention of the Malay director, James Wan - my king, master and role model -....


By chrw822
Loved it! They did a fantastic job! Being a Horror movie fan and a paranormal investigator I am hard to scare but this movie even had me jumping a few times. Hope to see more cases from the Ed and...

the cunjuring part 2

By ed907104
excelent and scary...

Maybe the Scariest ive ever seen.

By aperkins84
Hands down the scariest movie seen in the last 10 years...

Loved it!!

By tatileeann114
I didnt expect alot from this second movie but it was amazing! I jumped many times ! Glad I got to see it...

Conjuring 2

By chrystle01
Took my 2 girls 11 and 15 they loved it .... As I did too... I thought it was better than the 1st one. It's funny, it's suspenseful , it's touching, and a little on the scary side depending on your...

Finally, a good horror film in 2016! Must watch!

By misstwix1995
I can't wait till this is on DVD so I can purchase it and watch it again! I was actually shocked by how good this film was. I was expecting it to be awful, as most of the horror films in 2014-up to...

Has Some Really Scary Scenes

By gilsonshelby662
Although nothing will beat the original Conjuring, this one was pretty good. I liked Annabelle better than the Conjuring 2, but I'll still buy it when it comes out. There were definitely some scenes...

Superb entry in the ghost/horror genre.

By I_Love_America2008
Go. Bring your girl. She will need your arm & shoulder several times to hide in....

Sooo scary!!

By dovesplace
I LOVE scary movies but it's hard these days to find a movie that actually scares me. This movie not only made me jump, yell "Jesus!" out loud, but at one point I even punched the seat! This movie...

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Rated R | For Terror and Horror Violence
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Common Sense Media says Well-made, thoughtful sequel is VERY scary.
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