The Congressman Synopsis
Congressman Winship retreats to an island off the coast of Maine after being attacked by the media.

Movie Reviews

A must-see during this election season!

By kmzunich
A great depiction of a congressman who stands up for what he actually believes in. What a refreshing idea- kind of restores your faith that there may still be some real politicians out there who...

The Congressman

By bicnwarner
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, especially the cinematography. It makes me want to visit Maine....

Excellent movie; very timely in this election year also!

By goldlizsts
well-acted, entertaining, heart-warming that there are still good politicians out there, if the movie holds true. The scenery is also very enticing. We enjoyed it so much that I have to give it 5...

Do Not Miss

By swetepi
Nasty viscous lobbying was never funny before. The movie is a #Treat...

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Rated R | For Brief Sexual Material and Some Language