The Condemned (2007) Synopsis
An exiled Argentine returns home to help look for the body of a political activist.
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By xxkarmaxx
My frend and I saw it last night. We liked it a lot. It was the most violent movie we have ever seen. It was a great movie though. It is not for the faint hearted. Great movie to watch. Lots of...

It was not as bad as the reviews keep saying!

By kd157
I saw it at the premiere and I have to say that not only is it the best film that WWE has put out thus far, but it does have things going for it. While there is an excessive amount of violence at...

The ACTION movie to see!

By Enthusiast101
There are some critics, but I've heard mostly good feedback on this film. I just got back from the theatre myself and thought I'd throw my two cents in. I would definitely recommend going and seeing...

people stop the pre nutt rateing

By the dirt merchant
get a life u havent even seen the movie yet and already its the best movie youve ever seen get a clue....


By kyle_infante
I've seen multiple previews, and this movie will rock the theatre. Austin and Jones make an awsome duo in this action packed thriller. The plot is one of tthe most creative plots I've ever, thats my...

Knock off of The Running Man

By seattlegregory
When I first saw the trailer while watchin tv. I thought hey I've already seen this movie Anyone else Remember The Running Man? Don't expect much it is done by the WWE. I will see it to see how bad...

entertaining, but not a good one

By Scoot M16
THis movie was all over the place, first off what's up with all these wrestlers being in movies, THEY CAN'T ACT! and second off this movie had a terrible plot, it's like death race, but much worse....

the condemned

By kmahn45
This is a really good movie. it's an action pact movie. you might want to see this movie a couple of times....


By army_jon84
the movie was okay, but it didnt have enough action to it nor did it have enough of Stone Cold in it.....the one thing could been left out was the girl getting beat up and raped in the movie....some...

Running Man meets Survivor

By Donnie Darko is Dead
This movie is not bad...however, it is not good either. The idea was good, the action, the character development and ending are very flat. The sad part is, from the very beginning, you know who the...

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Rated R | For pervasive strong brutal violence, and for language