The Company You Keep

By terrior
Written May 24, 2017
What a great movie. The cast was outstanding and the movie absorbing from start to finish. I hated to see it end. Joyce
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Interesting Performances, Dull Screenplay, Ugly Subject.

By Al P
Written May 02, 2013
Glorifying and/or justifying long-ago domestic terrorists, especially in this most recently sad time, is ever so inappropriate and distasteful that frankly, were anyone other than Redford (Mr. Sundance) attached to the project, no distributor would have touched this film with a ten foot pole. If possible to leave the sentiment and emotion of current events outside the theater door, what you'll find inside is still a bit insidious in that it somewhat validates the actions of the Weather Underground by seeking to elicit empathy (perhaps even sympathy) for one or two of its now elderly terrorist participants. Other than the "advocacy cinematic theme" the performances here are quite good, as should be expected given the A-list cast. The play is a bit run-on and the film itself could easily have been edited to an hour thirty with no great loss. Over all, I advise seeing it if you like politico-fantasies which idolize terrorist murderers. Otherwise, skip it. You'll likely be glad you did
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Whiny leftist Drabble

By smoke2071
Written September 28, 2016
Typical hate everyone right of left center Hollywood film. Redford is pathetic and needs to check into an old folks home and LeBeouf is just not a good actor. Disappointed in this film, was hopeful it would be way better than it was...
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By btrflyy
Written April 25, 2017
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the company you keep

By barbarachase
Written April 07, 2013
Robert Redford should stay behind the camera. he is a so so actor, looks 100 and has an 11 yr old daughter??? slow and preachy, not great acting. skip
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