Shia Shines and Story Moves

By coacha56
Written August 26, 2014
I was interested in what the dynamics would be with Labeouf and Redford on the screen. Labeouf was spot on! Redford was very good, especially portraying an aging revolutionary. The supporting cast was made up of a list of people that would have lived the unrest of the 60's. When Sarandon spoke of the the events at Kent State you know she remembers it as news, not as an element in a movie's plot sequence. And it goes on with the litany of characters that follow. They all lived through that turmoil. I was drawn deeper and deeper into the movie as it unfolded because I began to realize that I had lived through and struggled with many of the same issues that were highlighted in the storyline. And for what it's worth, go to the bathroom before starting the movie. I wanted to go for a bathroom break after about 20 minutes, but refused to go because I was afraid I was going to miss something important. I waited until the movie was over, and not because I didn't have to go.
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The Company You Keep

By lynnsister
Written April 15, 2013
Nice to see some of my old favorite actors again. But movie rates 3 stars out of 5. It lacks suspense, Gets too preachy. Best actor: Shia La Beouf - was exceptionally good in a key role but couldn't make the difference in this attempt to convey the timeliness of an historical event. Would have been better to allow the audience to draw its own conclusions and make the "chase" film more exciting than what was on the screen.
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Highly Recommend

By sonnybee
Written July 28, 2014
Movie was gripping, fast-paced and kept my attention. Thought the last 5 minutes were weak and the movie could have been ended more effectively. Other than that, well acted and a good experience. Would rate it a 4 out of 5. SBH
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Thank you for a Non-Remake RR

By Snatch325
Written May 07, 2013
Finally something that's not a trilogy, or recooked after several servings minus the blood, senseless guts, and gore. For those who remember these times, you're well aware of the varied militia actions. This isn't for everyone, especially in these moments following the Boston tragedy, but release dates hold no crystal ball. The film was interesting, with some questionable character reactions but that's what makes the story move. The hilarious point for me, if the press is that far ahead of the Federal authorities, we're in trouble....but it's only a film.
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Interesting Performances, Dull Screenplay, Ugly Subject.

By Alon Patterson
Written May 02, 2013
Glorifying and/or justifying long-ago domestic terrorists, especially in this most recently sad time, is ever so inappropriate and distasteful that frankly, were anyone other than Redford (Mr. Sundance) attached to the project, no distributor would have touched this film with a ten foot pole. If possible to leave the sentiment and emotion of current events outside the theater door, what you'll find inside is still a bit insidious in that it somewhat validates the actions of the Weather Underground by seeking to elicit empathy (perhaps even sympathy) for one or two of its now elderly terrorist participants. Other than the "advocacy cinematic theme" the performances here are quite good, as should be expected given the A-list cast. The play is a bit run-on and the film itself could easily have been edited to an hour thirty with no great loss. Over all, I advise seeing it if you like politico-fantasies which idolize terrorist murderers. Otherwise, skip it. You'll likely be glad you did
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