Maybe you have to be a certain age to really enjoy this.....

By Dawn4
Written April 11, 2013
but whatever age you are, it's a lesson in the way it was....People who REALLY believed in a cause, right or wrong they did their best to make Americans see what was wrong and how things should/could be fixed, It's similar today, but the rebellion isn't done as well (Wall Street)!! Most of the players had the same beliefs years later. It's worth seeing.
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On the Run from the Past

By VAmovie_goer
Written December 28, 2014
The Company You Keep is a film about people whose decisions decades earlier come back to significantly affect their lives. The cast was very good as well as the pace and the drama. I was a little disappointed in the third act, but all and all, a good movie to watch.
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Redford needs a reality check

By kwieder
Written October 01, 2014
The last person who should've been cast in the role Redford plays is Redford himself. His 'movie star' patina (including the very stylish leather jacket he wears throughout) is totally wrong for this story which tries to be about something very serious in our collective past. The movie's second problem is the cross-cutting between Redford's fugitive 1960's former radical and the investigative reporter tracking him across country. All the energy is with the reporter and hardly any with Redford's character. Maybe acting and directing in the same scenes is too demanding for this aging actor. Too bad, because the reporter's scenes show what Redford is capable of as director. Finally, the script makes its points in some very obvious expository scenes and winds up skirting bordom in its last 45 minutes. All in all - a miss.
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The Company You Keep

By DCDarlin'
Written October 22, 2014
LOVED THIS MOVIE! The mystery was complex kept you curious and following the clues. Loved the young reporter trying to make a name for himself and clashing with everyone. The best part was the thought provoking questions it raised about what a person believes and how those beliefs and actions alter or not with time. It will take an older generation back to a familiar time and a younger generation might draw parallels with today. The cast was awesome and it is fast moving, thought provoking, and over all a very satisfying movie! Nan
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Real Acting

By pddemarco
Written November 23, 2014
Love this movie! It is about history & up to date lives of these great actors......It's better than a thriller, because the story is so well put together and did I say the acting was incredible? I was totally blown away with this movie. I wasn't expecting so much amazing acting,directing,story,action, cinematography, brilliant writing. Just beautifully done. Amazing! Who'd ever guess, so many stars - such great acting? Must see for my friends!.
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