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Three men try to survive during a year in which their company undergoes corporate downsizing.
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By haledav
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By 1mouse
I really like it. I thought it was a true depiction of the times in our country. It was not a happy go lucky movie, but a Hopeful movie. It hasn't gotten as much press as I think it deserves, but I...

Dreadful screenplay

By pnt60022
Awful film. Actors have nothing to work with. Screenplay is a disaster. Do not go see this movie. Don't even see it in cable....

The Company Men

By goldie2047
I was riveted to the screen for the entire movie--acting was very good--my husband found it depressing and could not relate as he's never worked in the corporate world. If you've ever been fired...

Company men

By dwpatches
Very good movie with outstanding cast. The movie reminded me how big companies and banks only care about the bottom line. I wish the gov't would have let them both go under so they would know what...

Oscars forthcoming for this one

By el greco II
Brilliant almost docudrama about what is happing to millions of Americans today. The pain and agony of falling overnight from the good life to the dark uncertainty of no way for you and your family...


By serge
I never expected it to touch me so much. The story is simple, but it makes you realize how much life can change in one day. In America, there is so much riding on your job. It is really everything -...

Ben Affleck At his prime

By cjzielie
Ben Affleck continues to surprise in his last three films, the town should gain him an oscar nod while the company men should gain him some much deserved recognition for his craft....

Re: Don't care! Must be young, but Cavaet Emptor!

By ewaHIfan
Time is wasted on the Youth! After being part of the great betrayal by the Corporate Machine myself. Hard to watch this because I lived this in the late 90's. An epiphany moment when you life is...


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! Can't believe that a movie with such a good cast could be so terribly boring. Their was absolutely no character development. It was as if the...

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Rated R | For Language and brief nudity
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Common Sense Media says Thoughtful, heavy drama about the downsized.
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