Looks Hilarious

By DaDobbsman93
Written August 29, 2007
This movie looks so funny and i cant wait to see it. When i was watching the preview in theaters i though it would be called not another sports movie becasue it has the director from not another teen movie. So gonna see it. ;-{ )
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Useless reviews

By fairisfair
Written October 21, 2007
*PLEASE READ* I'm am a frequent user of fandango.com, and have been for a long time. One thing ive noticed is that people will post reviews about movies, and they havent even seeen that movie. Maybe they dont understand what a REVIEW is. Because saying a movie "looks funny" or "i cant wait to see it when it comes out" is not a review in the least, it is a preview. So stop posting useless reviews, and as you read other peoples reviews, disregard those of people who never even saw the movie. And another thing, dont give a movie a negative review just because it is crude, sexual, or contains too much swearing. I dont care if your 11 year old ***didnt like the scene with the kssing, the movie is rated R. Also, i have seen The Comebacks, it is pretty good.
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can't wait!

By katrinexxlove
Written October 14, 2007
i cant wait to see this movie!! i heard it was gonna be really funny and im gonna see it opening day.
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Waste of money

By TNBear1970
Written October 19, 2007
I knew going into this that i would be bad, i had no idea just how bad, this is a cheap knock off of Not Another Teen Movie, which was pretty bad, but this one really stinks. Save your money and do see this one
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By TheWcracker
Written October 19, 2007
this is the funniest movie of the year!
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