• Released
  • September 20, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • R , 1 hr 35 min
  • Action/Adventure
The Colony Synopsis
Forced to live underground, survivors of an ice age embark on a mission to reach another outpost.
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Village Voice

By Ernest Hardy
The Colony has modest rewards: It's decently acted, delivers some well-executed jolts, doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence, and is...
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By Dennis Harvey
Utterly routine futuristic horror-thriller The Colony substitutes the term “ferals” for plain old zombies (the modern, fast-moving kind),...
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
The Colony is two-thirds of a pretty good sci-fi suspense movie. But it eventually takes a disappointing turn and becomes yet another...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
Can’t somebody come up with a monster that does something more interesting than run at you screaming, “Yeeaaaarrrrgh”?
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The problem is that the filmmakers' aversion to any hint of storytelling originality means that the main impression The Colony leaves is...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Tirdad Derakhshani
There are a few nice scares in The Colony, and the female lead, Rookie Blue's Charlotte Sullivan, looks really, really cute in blond...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
With a frost-bitten script whose skeletal plot cuts and pastes bits from innumerable other survival yarns, the biggest surprise the film...
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Los Angeles Times

By Inkoo Kang
The film strands its archetypal characters in a featureless danger zone and gives them overly familiar dialogue borrowed from a dozen other...
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Slant Magazine

Greedily tries to cram every dystopian curse into one misbegotten plot, resulting in something wildly disjointed, even if its pieces...
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Good free movie

By falcon5914
So the movie was good for a snowed in evening when there isn't any good movies on. I can't say it was great but I was entertained throughout. Good action, a little gore, suspense, interesting...

I liked it!

By subxerogravity
A good B-Sci-Fi flick with so so action and cool scenery of a ice aged earth. Leave brain at home for this cannibal flick. It's pure cheesy entertainment...

Good movie!!

By hav0ktha1
I enjoyed it!...

Simply put, I thought this movie was great. Why? 2 words, Laurence Fishburne!...

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