By kekinne2
Written December 12, 2012
the same old story ...a abandon houso a spychopath young girl and lots of fals blood dont waist your money cause you wont even know who's the killer hope they dont make a follow up
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Purty good

By moviegrind247
Written August 30, 2016
saw it with my girl, it was not so much scary as it was gory. lot of killing. a unique movie indeed. excelent for a date night
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Scary - But no real depth besides just a psycho going nuts.

By dansabin
Written December 03, 2012
The movie was awesome as far as scary movies go. People where definitely screaming in the theater. All the acting was good (as far as scary movies go). There weren't any cheap one liners or anything to stupid. The shots and gore were all pretty legit, but it was a lot more about tense atmosphere than just blood and guts like the SAW films. There were a couple scenes that were in the movie just to scare you. The few times this happened it was obvious the director didn't use the scene to build any plot. He just wanted to kill someone and mess with the audience (still totally enjoyable, but could have tied it in more). I'd see it again with someone else just to watch them squirm. Definitely only for adults (little kids might be afraid to step outside or talk to strangers after this).
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Blood and Gore! What more can you ask for!!

By jaredceol
Written December 01, 2012
Despite several rumors that this movie wasn't that good, I didn't listen to them. I just saw it to night and it blew my mind. Some of the props in this movie are wild. All I can say is if you are the type of person who likes any of the Saw movies...... THIS MOVIE IS A MUST-SEE!!
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Better Than The First

By rjcnkc
Written October 26, 2016
Movie was actually better than the first. This is probably one of the best horror movies I have seen in a while.
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