By Sneek
Written May 24, 2017
Much better then what I was expecting
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Amazing Sequel!!!!!

By cohenp09
Written December 02, 2012
I was so surprised that the sequel for The Collector was actually better than first. This is a must see for anyone who loves horror movies!
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Once again, amazing

By ssadab7
Written October 12, 2013
This movie blew me away in the same way the first one did, just plane awesome, period.
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Great Horror Movie

By pmchamps
Written January 17, 2017
Awesome effects and action! Story could've been a lot better! But compared to other Horror Movies, this delivered! Spoiler Alert! That supposed to be mercenary team sucked!! The Collector picked them apart like they were amateurs! Still very enjoyable!!!
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By sbagley91
Written December 03, 2012
My girlfriend and I went to see this movie and at first I thought "what the hell have I gotten myself into?!" But after a while I settled down, I was totally into the movie. It was great. And definitely worth the money!!!
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