light of day

By asanguinetti
Written September 11, 2012
this is one of the worse movies of the year. the story makes no sense and the script sounds as if it's been put together by a kinder garden writer. Nice scenery though.
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By thedoctor777
Written September 11, 2012
This film starts out slow; but after 25 minutes or/so it gets interesting. I found it hard to understand what was going on for awhile. Once it becomes clear you find out that the storyline is an old; but proven one. The acting is good and the director uses many different camera angles to spruce up scenes. He uses 180 degrees and filming reflections to enhance dramatic scenes. The car chases are poorly done and there are several faults in the film. What I call a fault is when someone takes off in a car with their foot to the floor and the thug runs down a flight of stairs to his car. He gets in and goes around the block only to ram into the back of the first car while both are doing 70 MPH. I know there little things like that in all movies; but this one seemed to have more than the norm. I still say go and see this one on the big screne. The scenery is beautiful. It shows the fantastic beaches of Spain and it's landscape. I would say that you need to pay close attention to who's who's.
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Suspense, Action, Drama

By al_soto
Written September 10, 2012
A man goes on vacation with his family only to have them all kidnapped when he goes into town for some supplies. Where did they go? Who has them? This movie has suspense, drama, and plenty of action. I'm kind of shocked that it is totally under the radar, as if no one has heard of it. I was very leery of watching a movie which is unknown, but after leaving the theater I was happy I went. The guy who plays the lead is believable as a guy whose afraid of what's happening around him but at the same time determined to find and rescue the ones he loves.
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Cold Light of Day.

By ograsshopper
Written September 14, 2012
Very disappointing, save your money. Not sure it's even worth seeing at Red Box. I love spy thrillers. This plot goes no where and when you think it's finally going somewhere, it still doesn't. Not worth waiting til the ending.
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Painful to watch

By slysly77
Written September 09, 2012
Considering how good Sigourney Weaver & Bruce Willis are this is the ABSOLUTE WORST MOVIE!!! IT was painful watching such big stars get slammed by the sheer awfulness of this movie. This wasn't a B-movie script it was a D-movie script. The acting was horrendous; it was like watching a middle school production of Othello. Even the action scenes were horribly done. The very worst movies I've seen in MANY years.
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