The Cold Light of Day Synopsis
A young man tries to save his kidnapped family.
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Cold Light of Day

By classic style
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. We left in the middle of the movie. Acting was bad; plot was even worse. Don't waste your money....

Where was Willis?

By Movie_Buff_86
The movie was entertaining, and yes there was action but the trailor was kind of deceiving. I am a huge Bruce Willis fan and i thought he was going to have more of a role than just 15 minutes. From...

The Cold Light of Day

By fred1
The names of Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis might draw you in but the movie is just not that good! The story line might have had potential but the dialogue came up short and didn't connect the...

Cold light of day (very cold......)

By Mubuhi
I think Bruce Willis was in the movie to promote it. He was so short like Steven Seigel in the movie Excutive Decision. He was gone to soon in the movie to have even his pic on the movie poster....

None of the Stars Could Make Cold Light Shine

By The Tobemann
I've never seen such normally first-rate actors perform so lamely. The dialogue and performance was just flat and delivered like someone in a high school play. Interminable chase scenes. No romance,...

Cold Light of Day

By patriciabudrock
Ladies Beware: 90% of this movie is LOUD violence, car chasing & crashing, shooting, etc. You don't get to enjoy Bruce Willis & if you go see this movie, you will soon find out why....

Action packed

By lisa_n_jackson
This movie was awesome! I'm a Bruce Willis fan and of course I had to go see it since he was in it although briefly. There were some unexpected twists and turns but isn't that what makes a movie...

weak movie - but I didn't feel the need to walk out

By IMAXimus
A few things were right with this movie...primarily the scenery and on-location filming. The weakness is that they never developed a strong protagonist or antagonist. It's sort of unclear who...

Good time waster

By jhs39
Solid B movie about hapless American man who finds out that his dad was actually a CIA agent and that his family has been kidnapped and people are trying to kill him. This is fast paced and has...

light of day

By asanguinetti
this is one of the worse movies of the year. the story makes no sense and the script sounds as if it's been put together by a kinder garden writer. Nice scenery though....

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