Insightful but Simple

By moviefanatic798
Written July 13, 2010
In this Crime Thriller, Helen Mirren gives us an engaging performance where it seems as though she's not the center of attention, although trying to be. With a simple plot of kidnapping a husband that has more money than his pockets can hold, holding him for ransom. The film is short to what I would expect for a thriller. The husband is found logging all the way out to the woods while his wife is at home with the FBI waiting for a phone call. It's almost as if you would have to skip to some scenes with only the intro and the end being the most suspensful and entertaining to watch. As the story unfolds, the tension stays the same. Most of the movie is carried through dialogue and the musical score, which there's nothing interesting about that. Helen Mirren doesn't seem to fit for the role, especially for an "okay" plot and short film overall.
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