My Sorrow: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

By Thistledowne
Written December 13, 2010
I waited forever for my favorite book for nearly 30 years, written by history's greatest and most humble and eloquent Christian apologetic, allegorical wordsmith, be rendered as an epic movie. Twenty minutes in I was stunned. Thirty minutes in, I was appalled. From the abomination that was the undragoning of Eustace to the end, I was losing the battle against hot furious betrayed angry tears. When I finally saw that Douglas Gresham was an executive producer, and realized that he allowed them to gut the book, substitute a lame Hollywood 'quest plot', excise Christ, preach works-based-salvation, turn Lord Bern into a pitiful sad coward and the Duffers into evil nasty creatures utterly devoid of charm, and remove all significance from the Undragoning of Eustace, I was sobbing inside. Please do not make any more of these. It's clear that Hollywood has no grasp of the charm and flawless storytelling that made these books among the best loved of all time. I cannot bear to see how they ...
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Best one yet!

By renesmeeccullen
Written December 12, 2010
I thought this movie was absolutely amazing. It captured the book so well in so many was. I was honestly shocked about how much better it was then the other two. I do I have my fall backs though. Some character voices were changed however I still feel as if it fit. I was truly captivated and pulled into the land of Narnia. I would definitely see it again, and again, and again.
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Five Word Review

By ndfan1993
Written December 10, 2010
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“LOST” the evil ISLAND

By rawvibes
Written December 14, 2010
Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, return to Narnia to meet up with King Caspian and the Dawn Treader ship. A great evil is growing in Narnia and the only way to defeat it is to assemble the 7 swords of the lords of Narnia on Aslans's table. All three seek out to banish the evil of Narnia as they make their way to Aslan's country at the end of the world. This is why Disney needs to take back the series. The 7 seven books to be made into movies is a tough one. But! It’s not meant to be in 3D. 3D IS AN EFFECT. Not for an adventure movie. It’s not the best movie out of this franchise but entertaining and I think for the Holidays a great movie to watch with the kids. Hard to find stuff to watch with the family these days but I think this is one you can watch and enjoy with the whole family. 3 out of 5 stars
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Five Word Review

By movieseacher35
Written November 29, 2010
BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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