Narnia: Prince Caspian

By peter the movie meter
Written May 18, 2008
We took our two children ages 9 & 11 on opening night looking forward to another great Narnia experience. My daughter enjoyed the costumes and fairy tale aspect of the story while my son liked the sword fighting and talking animals. Like my son, I too enjoyed the special effects of the animals coming to life and the humor had me laughing out loud on several occations. I think the movie falls short in creating "that magical experience of Narnia" that the 1st movie did so well. All in all, a safe movie choice but a bit more violent and longer than needed to be. The very worst part of the experience was that FANDANGO once again FAILED in the ability to have the kiosk ticket machines working . . . AGAIN!! So I paid a $4.00 convenience charge and waited four times longer to get in to see the movie . . .EEHHEM Fandango, if your going to sell a service please service your customers! Thanks for reading, Peter the Movie Meter
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This IS a must see movie!

By piratesqueen
Written May 14, 2008
I saw an advance screening last night, I dont know where to begin! I absolutely loved it, a little off from the book but they definitely made up for it. My 24 year old brother and 52 year old mother watched it with me, both never seeing the first, both not movie fans and they both ended up LOVING it. We are watching the first one, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe together tonight! Not a boring part in any part of the movie! Will keep you entertained! I will be seeing this more than once!
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Faithful in spirit

By DairineAoife
Written May 08, 2008
I saw an advance screening of this movie and while I refuse to give away any details and spoil the film for anyone, I will say that it is less faithful to the book than The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was. You have to realize, though, that all the changes that were made were made justifiably. It is really important to watch this film without looking for the differences from the book but looking at the film as a whole. It is an absolutely fantastic film in every way. The acting was phenomenal and the kids have really come a long way. I really can't think of anything wrong with this movie and urge adults and children alike to see it. It is an enjoyable film that all can be appreciated by anyone.
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I hope there are more.

By Cutie1227
Written May 14, 2008
I loved the first one and this one looks to be even better. All trailers that I have seen, makes me feel as if I had already seen the movie. You have to see it!
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Pricne Caspian

By chloesushi
Written May 07, 2008
I saw an advanced screening - it was awesome. Go see it. Also, I love Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian.
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