Our Family's New Christmas Classic!

By jeffsheets
Written December 04, 2016
Being Downton Abbey AND Christmas movie fans, our family was overwhelmed by this incredible movie. With a combination of interesting story line, a gorgeous English village and characters that perfectly match their roles....we all agree, this is our new family Christmas Classic. Finally a movie with both substance and excellence in production. The writer didn't shy away from the doubts that plaque us all when tragedy visits us but points the audience back to the fact that we are not walking alone in this life but are each on a journey of faith. Thank you and we are coming back with more friends and family!
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By kcallain
Written February 14, 2015
I never see a movie more than one time. However, I am going back as many times as I can and I'm taking friends & family each time! This is the most wonderful movie I have EVER seen. The period in time was mesmerizing and the little town and people were strangely familiar in a very heartwarming way! The music throughout was noticeably drawing you in even more. I've never articulated this much on any movie and it even surprises me that I'm able to. It's almost beyond words GREAT!! I have truly been touched by this movie and several parts of it have impacted my life immeasurably!! Thank you, thank you to the screenwriters and producers for making a movie that will touch many people's lives and for the beautiful memorial dedication to a man of God who always believed and had faith in miracles for today!! What a wonder message this movie carries for all!!
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Great Movie for the Whole Family

By jbflynn1
Written November 17, 2013
We are finally seeing quality movies targeted for families.
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Great Family Movie!!

By jclovis
Written November 20, 2013
I loved the fact that my ears were not assaulted with pervasive dirty language! A movie for the heart. Looking forward to more movies that are family based. Praise God.
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By lkbohac
Written November 20, 2013
I absolutely love The Christmas Candle! It is a film for all ages and one I plan to take my family to. Excellent cast! Great acting and I loved hearing Susan Boyle sing "The Miracle Hymn". It is well written, directed and acted. The cinematography was beautiful. I loved the location that was used for filming. It almost has a Downton Abbey feel to it. This is a perfect Christmas movie and one I hope to see for many years to come. Well done!!
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