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THE CHOICE tells the story of Travis Shaw and Gabby Holland, who meet first as neighbors in a small coastal town and end up pursuing a relationship that neither could have foreseen.
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Really Enjoyed It!

By Aaron324
I'm biased because my son is in the movie - however, I really enjoyed The Choice. It's not my normal genre, but really liked how everything played out. Ben and Teresa (Travis and Gabby) had great...

The Choice

By molazabal
Such an amazing movie!...

By xrayd3d17
My girlfriend loves the movie, she literally cried at the end of the movie even though she knew what happen by reading the book! I on the other hand, enjoy the plot twist. Good movie date. 5/5...

Same predictable stories

By atiemmanuel
yet another failed attempt at bringing that magic of the notebook back to the big screen this movie lacks transition feels very blend felt like a TV movie...

The Choice

By kdsmith68
Great movie!...

The Choice

By rayann919
I am a Nicholas Sparks fan and I loved the movie (and the book)! When movies are done based on a book, at times, the movie is altered or quit different then the book or the movie, with different...

Fantastic movie!

By JasperChuck
It has a little bit of everything, humor, a pinch of action and a lot of the love side of the story. It has a great story with a pretty good plot, I'd recommend it to anyone!...

The Choice

By thisiscody
Such an incredible movie....

Beautiful photography

By rpgjr2000
Good movie, the acting was superb Most of audience were older women Some of the scenes at night were amazing "...."...

Amazing Love Story

By mzmusicberry
I don't review movies however, this movie is now my favorite love Story. This movie will make you want to fall in love again....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Thematic Issues and Sexual Content.
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Common Sense Media says Womanizer trades up for true love in Nicholas Sparks weepie.
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