Jonathan and cast were SINCERE & PHENOMENAL!

By sensationaljewelry
Written July 07, 2008
I do not understand some of these reviews! This film was based on a TRUE STORY - it was well thought out, true to life - for those who didn't like it I feel simply wanted more a Fiction based film rather than this very realistic well thought out masterpiece As usual, Jonathan is deep, charismatic, intense and flawless in his character. I am unfamiliar with the other actor/actresses, however they too were fantastic! You have to be in the mood for a 'realistic life trauma and drama' otherwise, stay at home I loved this very moving film... A true story of life, trauma. war, scars, tears that children face of times of war & corruption My hat, dress, sunglasses and whatever else I have goes off to everyone in this cast for a fabulous, heartwarming true story! Allison Las Vegas
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Outstanding and Moving

By lass3
Written June 03, 2008
This movie was so well done : from the acting, the the moving ending. I was so touched by this movie that I have begun to do research on the real George Hogg. Also Jonathan Rhys - Meyers has proved he is not only incredibly handsome but a gifted actor as well.
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Better than expected...

By pomspringz
Written June 10, 2008
An Australian/Chinese/German co-production, this is a hollywood-style epic film with an engrossing story and visually appealing landscapes and scenery. The principle actors are handsome and beautiful with hardly a blemish or flaw even when covered by the grit of war. Reminiscent of Ingrid Bergman in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, the setting is the 1937 invasion of China by the Japanese. All the major actors give excellent performances, but Michelle Yeoh as the affluent merchant Mrs. Wang and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the inexperienced Englishman George Hogg are the strongest. Highly recommended for any movie-goer who enjoys things Chinese.
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By grannynanny
Written June 13, 2008
This is one of the best and most emotional pictures of realism of history during Japan's occupation of China. Having been several times to both countries it meant even more. I thought the acting was really well done, scenery and realism spectacular. It is a very poigant story that can't be judged by the merits of the sex or other acts. It is truth and is depicted as such. I would see this movie several times for the truth of history. It also gives the realism of loss of family and the emoitional destruction to persons in war time with out treatment or love. The facts spill over to what our American military have gone through without decent treatment for PTSD as these children all suffered from.
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The Children of Huang Shi

By bluduck
Written June 03, 2008
Interesting factual based events, I especially enjoy docum dramas. Excellent performances by virtulllay unknown actors. The children were great, the land scape was breath taking. The narration by the actual people was very moving.
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