VERY, VERY Nasty and Dirty!

By 2cute2shoot
Written February 11, 2016
This movie was just too much for me and the other moms I knew who saw the sneak preview. They did warn us ahead of time and I wish I had left the theater. I LOVE Ryan Renolds and Jason Bateman but this movie should have a stronger rating than R. For most people they will be fine with all the nudity and the nasty, crude stuff, I just want to warn those who will be offended before they go. My oldest daughter who is 25 LOVED the movie and thought it was hilarious.
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By zeldazero
Written August 06, 2011
Laughed through the whole movie. Anyone who didn't needs to get a life. It's a comedy, meaning suppose to make you laugh, not neccessarily a great story or even realistic or make sense but it made me laugh. Well worth my money. Ryan Reynolds and Jsaon Bateman great as always. Also for all you Green Lantern haters, I loved that movie as well. Some people are too critical. I go to a movie to enjoy it for what it is and not to compare to every other movie. Go see this and you won't be disappointed :)
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change up..?

By daughtersFATHER
Written November 28, 2011
How about Changin' up Hollyweird? I mean this is ONE of THE SICKEST movies you could see. My son rented it. He will NEVER play such trash in my house ... at least while I'm in it. How can ANYone who is a true Christian allow their chilldren to see it? Oh? It's ok most will say.... or .. it's JUST a movie. .. Yeah. a VERY SICK AND PERVERTED , TWISTED piece of shameful CRAP ! ... No wonder we've turned into a wacky society. Get the country back into STRENGTH again. Get your MORAL FABRIC in check. No wonder why ur daughters are pregnant at 13 . Get a grip and watch your FAMILY instead of this sick stuff that must be written by ****'s. Seriously SICK .
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By ka806
Written April 06, 2013
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By creativity
Written December 31, 2011
rented this and it was tasteless, horrible humor. i couldn't get past 20 mins. of it. even my 18 year old didn't like it. it is certainly not appropriate for kids under 18.. definitely a waste of time. if you want to see something many funny scenes in that movie!
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