Unexpectably Good

By chrisedillman
Written August 03, 2013
Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds? Who could go wrong! It's basically The Parent Trap but with adults living adult life. Bateman plays a hard working father while Reynold plays a carefree jovial male. When their worlds are replaced with each other, each must handle and cope with what the other goes through on a day to day basis. Funny yet has a significant moral. Be happy with what you have or change your lifestyle. Another Generation Y movie. Worth the chance to watch, and if you are a fan of Olivia Wilde, SIDE BOOB! You're welcome. I would recommend ages 16+
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By moffittwm
Written November 27, 2011
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Horrible Movie

By lauraof9
Written August 12, 2011
not funny, just perverted. walked out and got my money back. dont waste your time.
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The Change-up: worth seeing if...

By YouGotGold
Written August 07, 2011
... you like comedies with awkward, fish-out-of-water, parenting / dating / sex / work situations, accompanied by a lot of swearing and some (very nice) bare breasts. Sure, you've seen the switching bodies plot line before but this is no Freaky Friday or 17 again. I'd put it more in the same league for content and/or style as the recent Horrible Bosses, or The Switch, Knocked Up, I Love You Man, The Hot Tub Time Machine. Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann and the babies are all great. Parents of little kids will especially appreciate this (and if not, at least you got out of the house alone for a couple of hours). Its a movie about family but not a family movie... its rated R for good reasons so leave your little kids at home, people
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The Change up......Don't pass up

By sylar2744
Written November 07, 2011
Jason Bateman was outstanding in this movie as always. Ryan Reynolds not his best acting, but still delivered non stop laughs. Leslie Mann entertaining amd gorgeous as ever. This movie I have to admit didn't make alot of sense, but with a cast like this and the non stop laughs it didn't really seem to matter that it didn't make sense. If you are feeling a little down or in a bad mood this is undoubtingly the movie to throw in and watch it will have you laughing from beginning to end.
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