The Change-Up Synopsis
An overworked lawyer and his seemingly carefree buddy awake to find they have switched bodies.
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VERY, VERY Nasty and Dirty!

By 2cute2shoot
This movie was just too much for me and the other moms I knew who saw the sneak preview. They did warn us ahead of time and I wish I had left the theater. I LOVE Ryan Renolds and Jason Bateman but...


By zeldazero
Laughed through the whole movie. Anyone who didn't needs to get a life. It's a comedy, meaning suppose to make you laugh, not neccessarily a great story or even realistic or make sense but it made me...

change up..?

By daughtersFATHER
How about Changin' up Hollyweird? I mean this is ONE of THE SICKEST movies you could see. My son rented it. He will NEVER play such trash in my house ... at least while I'm in it. How can ANYone...

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By ka806
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By creativity
rented this and it was tasteless, horrible humor. i couldn't get past 20 mins. of it. even my 18 year old didn't like it. it is certainly not appropriate for kids under 18.. definitely a waste of...

Unexpectably Good

By chrisedillman
Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds? Who could go wrong! It's basically The Parent Trap but with adults living adult life. Bateman plays a hard working father while Reynold plays a carefree jovial male....

By moffittwm

Horrible Movie

By lauraof9
not funny, just perverted. walked out and got my money back. dont waste your time....

The Change-up: worth seeing if...

By YouGotGold
... you like comedies with awkward, fish-out-of-water, parenting / dating / sex / work situations, accompanied by a lot of swearing and some (very nice) bare breasts. Sure, you've seen the switching...

The Change up......Don't pass up

By sylar2744
Jason Bateman was outstanding in this movie as always. Ryan Reynolds not his best acting, but still delivered non stop laughs. Leslie Mann entertaining amd gorgeous as ever. This movie I have to...

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Rated R | For Strong crude language, strong crude sexual content, some graphic nudity and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Overly crude body-swapping comedy isn't for kids.
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