not that funny, not as good as expected

By nng
Written October 28, 2016
This movie was just 'ok' - it wasn't extremely funny in a way that makes you laugh like anything--there was humor throughout the movie, but most of it just wasn't that great. I found myself just kind of semi amused sort of laughing a few times but not really. I wasn't expecting anything that great, but it was worse than I expected....there was also a lot of lame unnecessary crudeness that came off as humor...politicians punching babies, dogs, sex with someone's wife, and gialfianakis wasn't that impressive...ferrell did a good job playing a southern low life congressman but that's what made his character all the more unlikeable. the movie was entertaining storywise, but humorwise it just really lacked in many ways. Most of the theater was laughing but most of it was forced, because people were expecting funny and just laughing at anything that was a joke of some sorts. I would recommend to check it out but don't expect anything great...
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Lots of "Motherf..... bombs"

By hafferkamp
Written April 30, 2017
If you can deal with the language and you liked Talladega Nights, you will probably enjoy this movie. The swearing is a bit off-putting but definitely some funny parts. Is this what politics is really like?? Scary thought.
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By p3_sa
Written August 15, 2012
This movie was a huge disappointment. It had all the humor of a 13 year old preadolescent boy, but maybe that is being too harsh on 13 year old boys. With so much political fodder out there, it is mystifying that the writers chose to economize with their words by simply reusing f...k over and over and over...again. I am a fan of Will Ferrell, but this was a caricature Mr. Ferrell gone horribly awry. Skip this one.
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The Campaign: Hilarious

By The Real Movie Critic
Written May 04, 2016
How timely this movie is and how good the script plays out on both characters. Politics under a magnifying glass and an amount of humor that is so amazingly funny that the laughter adds 5 years to your life. The theater (AMC Century City) was completely sold out and right so. Even if you hate politics, this film will give you pure entertainment. Two thumbs up!
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Overall disappointment

By treefloyd
Written August 12, 2012
I liked the promos for this movie and being an observer of the politics I wanted to see the movie from the first time I heard about it. Despite its R rating I took my 14 years old son with me to the theatre. I checked the ratings of the movie at Fandango and noticed that Fans' average rating was either Go or Must Go, while the overall critics' rating was so-so. I took a quick look at some of the high ratings from critics as well as some of the average reviews. I was determined to go regardless of any negative comments. Overall, I was disappointed with the movie. Many of the jokes were really "lame" and I just could not pretend that I liked them. My son, on the other hand, was laughing throughout the movie and his overall feeling about the movie was very positive. I took the time to explain to him & relate some of the scenes in the movie to real life situations such as influence of money in politics etc. There were not too many people in the theatre on Saturday night at 7 pm
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