A nice warm-up for the upcoming presidential elections

By pedsarq
Written May 04, 2015
Dirty politics taken to the next level of sleaze make this funny movie timely and highly entertaining. This movie is not ground-breaking in any way; instead, it is satisfied to go through the motions of the typical mud-slinging that goes on during an election and runs with it in true comedic fashion.. Thankfully, that's enough to make this movie entertaining, if not original.
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A drop in the bucket in calling out the buying off of America...

By nurseypie2005
Written October 21, 2016
Glad to see a movie that at least touches on America's malignancy that allows greed to take over the election process. Comedic wise, it was humorous, but not the usual stomach grabbing, can't stop laughing product that the wonderful Will Ferrell usually delivers. However, the topic makes the movie worth seeing, and Ferrell still showcases what a talent he is.
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Important Message Clothed in Laughs

By ahm
Written September 25, 2016
I am a bit of a political junkie - but I loved this! Yes, there's some immature sexual innuendo/content, which wasn't absolutely necessary - but the scenario was plausible, in the era after Citizens United... Farrel did a terrific job, and Zack G was better than I had ever seen him. There wasn't much effort made to hide the parallels to the current state of American politics, but that might help some people figure it out.
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Intelligent, Pratfall, Gross-out, Over-The-Top Hilarious And Then Some.

By Alon Patterson
Written August 29, 2015
It would seem this movie is playing to mixed audience reviews but for my two cents worth, I found it incredibly smart and funny. I began laughing less than a minute in and except for a brief spot here and there, the comedy maintained its momentum throughout the feature. There is simply so much comedic talent on this screen that it's nearly impossible to imagine it not being funny. It does take a little intelligence and maturity to get some of the political subtext, otherwise, it's spot on humor to anyone in the mood to laugh. I highly advise caution for sensitive parents with older teens, as it does bear a bit of the contemporary raunchiness now present in adult on-screen comedy. See it though. It's worth the ticket price and you won't leave disappointed because if you can't find something funny here, you're either deaf and blind, or you're already dead.
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not that funny, not as good as expected

By nng
Written July 27, 2016
This movie was just 'ok' - it wasn't extremely funny in a way that makes you laugh like anything--there was humor throughout the movie, but most of it just wasn't that great. I found myself just kind of semi amused sort of laughing a few times but not really. I wasn't expecting anything that great, but it was worse than I expected....there was also a lot of lame unnecessary crudeness that came off as humor...politicians punching babies, dogs, sex with someone's wife, and gialfianakis wasn't that impressive...ferrell did a good job playing a southern low life congressman but that's what made his character all the more unlikeable. the movie was entertaining storywise, but humorwise it just really lacked in many ways. Most of the theater was laughing but most of it was forced, because people were expecting funny and just laughing at anything that was a joke of some sorts. I would recommend to check it out but don't expect anything great...
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