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Two rival North Carolina politicians with presidential aspirations tangle with one another.
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What a Campaign!

By livinnuts
Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell did a great job in this movie. Zach makes you laugh just by his body movements, his walk, his talk - his dogs. There is a lot of profanity and trash talking in...

Campaign review

By k-cross
We thought this film was very funny and we would recommend it to others. Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis are a real hoot in this movie; although I wouldn't recommend you take kids under 17. Some...


By vjcvinny3
I did not expect much from this movie except some jokes and a couple laughs. The movie ending up being hilarious and the plot was also decent. The movie kept you guessing and even touched a little...

Truly Hilarious!

By guitarplaya2000
Will Ferrell did it again! His odd-ball, bumbling, clueless sense of humor was in full form. Who ever casted Zach Galifinakis in the film is just pure icing on the cake. Galifinakis' the odd,...

Extremely Funny and a Great Statement about our Politics today

By twirch
The movie was hysterically funny. I love Zach and Will. They're super funny. Unfortunately, I think the statement about how our politics is now bought and sold by billionaires and the dirtiest...

The Campaign

By kevburnz
If you want to just chill out, not take a movie seriously and laugh a lot then go see this movie. If you thought Elf, Wedding Crashers, Ron Burgundy or Taladega Nights were immature, silly, waste of...

A nice warm-up for the upcoming presidential elections

By pedsarq
Dirty politics taken to the next level of sleaze make this funny movie timely and highly entertaining. This movie is not ground-breaking in any way; instead, it is satisfied to go through the...

Important Message Clothed in Laughs

By ahm
I am a bit of a political junkie - but I loved this! Yes, there's some immature sexual innuendo/content, which wasn't absolutely necessary - but the scenario was plausible, in the era after Citizens...

A drop in the bucket in calling out the buying off of America...

By nurseypie2005
Glad to see a movie that at least touches on America's malignancy that allows greed to take over the election process. Comedic wise, it was humorous, but not the usual stomach grabbing, can't stop...

Intelligent, Pratfall, Gross-out, Over-The-Top Hilarious And Then Some.

By Al P
It would seem this movie is playing to mixed audience reviews but for my two cents worth, I found it incredibly smart and funny. I began laughing less than a minute in and except for a brief spot...

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Rated R | For Crude Sexual Content, Brief Nudity and Language
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Common Sense Media says Comedic superstars aim their raunchy satire at politics.
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