not well thought out plot

By cokenoice
Written August 23, 2014
The plot requires that the main character makes some decisions that make little sense, especially at the end of the movie. the ending although maybe satisfying to some is ridiculous.
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The Call

By dmccraw1
Written March 18, 2013
My wife enjoyed this more than I did. My daughter saw it too and enjoyed it. I was not terribly impressed. It was more like a made for TV movie.It did not hold my attention. I started watching it as a critic after the first 20 mis.My wife was engrossed from the begining to the end. She was literaly sitting on the edge of her seat throughout the movie.
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Thrilling and Surprising.

By Alon Patterson
Written March 17, 2013
This one starts off a little too slowly for my tastes but once it gets going, look out! An old-fashioned thriller reminiscent of "Silence of the Lambs," it does do some borrowing from past story models but eventually comes round to its own uniqueness. Also, the characters aren't really as well developed as they could be in order to elicit empathy from the audience but this is no fault of the on-screen talent, who do an excellent job in delivering all the energy that grips the audience right up to the very last scene and even into the credits. This film is well worth its ticket price. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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The Call ...

By angel6163
Written March 24, 2013
Loved this movie...edge of your seat suspense from about three minutes in until the truly ironic ending. Wow. Really really awesome movie! Halle seemed to have acquired a lot of depth emotionally that she had to tap into for this role. Impressive.
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Hollywood view of woman - dont secure the perp

By eyeseemovie
Written March 16, 2013
Tense movie mostly from people being incompetant and unsuspicious, that mostly normal. But when woman knock down an attacker and dont make sure he doesnt stay down, is getting old and keeps woman down. Yet Americans will put down other cultures which perceive woman that way. Hollywood does it and makes money. Figure that out. An operator pursuing a suspect, thats real believable. A cop on scene being told a suspect is few miles away, yet plays with a music box, thats just outlandish. Writing is getting worse and worse, Can we find a movie were not everyone is a goof off, doubt it. Come in the last 10 minutes, best ending to a movie.
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