911 Knows All!

By Peanut Cutie
Written June 26, 2016
When I saw the trailers for The Call I couldn't wait for it to come out. It was worth the wait! Although maybe not realistic .. and it felt like a Michael Connolly book made into a movie .. I just LOVED the action and tension between Halle Berry and the kidnapper. And Halle Berry's cop boyfriend was HOT too! I jumped several times and to me that is a true test of a good thriller.
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By msaba
Written August 04, 2015
very suspenseful movie! I had been waiting to see this movie and the night finally came and I had to persuade my brother to go because he did not want to see it at all saying it looked stupid. he was actually on his seat the entire time during the movie saying okay,its good. so there you go! the ending was a little disappointing. it could have been a little longer. but overall i liked it!
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Awesome Performance

By DreiQue
Written May 26, 2016
We totally enjoyed the action, story line and the actors performances. Hopefully, you would walk away from this movies with several lessons if someone attempts to kidnap you.
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The Call, WOW!

By yolipena52
Written May 25, 2016
Best movie I have seen in a long time. Not your typical predictable movie. Keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. I liked it so much that i've seen it 3 times. Halle Berry deserves an Oscar for her role, totally an awesome performance. Definitely a must see!
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Good movie

By Parker Movies
Written May 24, 2015
Some parts of the movie had obvious conclusions and you knew what was going to happen long before it did....Halle did a great job. All and all, a good movie
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