Award worthy performance by Kristen Stewart

By 3boys4jmj
Written April 06, 2009
While Kristen Stewart's recent fame in Twilight has made her acting skills the target of many critics' knives, this portrayal of a physically handicapped girl falling in love for the first time is incredible. The story is bland and predictable, it is true, but her acting is just amazing. She has always been really good at showing us the broding teenager, the tortured soul, so to see her in a different role is nice.This movie is humdrum, and the pic on the front of the dvd is misleading, but if you see it just for her, you won't be sorry.
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Great story, I thought there should have been a longer ending

By crazymo77
Written March 18, 2009
I loved the the story and the girl did a great job acting. i think the ending was too abrupt though.
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The Cake Eaters

By strifskin
Written March 13, 2009
I thought the movie was a bit slow and predictable. They tried too hard to cover 3 love stories and story of family closeness in too little time. The characters could have been developed better, especially the Kristen Stewart disease and her disease called Friedreich's Ataxia. I don't think your average moviegoer would know what this disease is. There were only a few lines in the movie explaining this disease. This character should have received more attention in the movie. It was a nice effort for Mary Stuart Masterson's directorial debut, but there wasn't much material to work with here. Bruce Dern does a pretty good job, but he's the consummate actor and doesn't need much prep time for his roles anymore. Overall, I'd wait for the DVD release later this month.
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By alexnbill
Written December 07, 2009
Kristen Sterwart gives an AMAZING performance! It was heart warming and funny.
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