Fantastic movie

By k8kem
Written December 09, 2012
I was 17 when I was in the Coast Guard basic training in Cape May NJ in 1954. It must have left quite an impression on me as I have rewatched it a 1000 times!! All the actors are now gone with the exception of May Wynn. Every actor played their parts and went over the top. Everyone should see this movie at least once in their lifetime. If you were in the Navy or Coast Guard, it will bring back memories!
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By lugubriousthespian
Written May 13, 2009
Nearly 60 years old, this loving ode to sea-faring men is still one walloping entertainment. Humphrey Bogort's interpretation of Herman Woulk's paranoid Captain Queeg is now film legend of course but just sit back and savor all the sterling work done by a top notch cast of A-listers including Fred Mac Murray as the cynical first engineer, Van Johnson as the doubting executive captain, and Jose Ferrer playing the defense attorney who begrudgingly takes their case after they relieve Queeg of his duties when they suspect his mental stability during a near catastrophic typhoon. There is an unnecessary subplot with a posing May Wynn as newbie Robert Francis' distressed fiancee, but that can hardly deter from what is otherwise a rock solid piece of film making from veteran Hollywood director Edward Dymytrk.
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